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GoKudos aims to deliver affordable, simple, easy to adopt, AI powered solutions for Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) to reduce time wastage and enhance efficiency in the firm’s operations.

GoKudos is designed to assist audit, accounting, tax advisory, company secretarial and consulting practitioners who seek to automate their operational processes with the aim to save time and maximize potential revenue.

The onboarding process is simple and easy. You can import all your clients’ data in less than a minute. No additional steps are required.

The Creator is the person who created the Company and can manage and view all the jobs and tasks. Members are the employees who have been invited into the Company by the Creator and who can only manage and view jobs and tasks assigned to them. PIC is the client’s person in charge of; he/she can only view the jobs and tasks assigned to them through emails.

The Company is your own company where you may create a Company after subscribing to one of our pricing plans. Contacts are your clients and you will be able to add your clients’ PIC after creating a Contact.

There are three ways to invite your employees into the Company as members. The first one is by typing in their email address which will take a longer time if you add your employees for the first time and have a huge list of employees. If this is your first time adding new employees into the Company, we recommend the second approach – importing the excel file which contains all your employee details. You may download the excel template if you do not have a list of your employee details. The third way is by sharing the link to your employees. By doing so, they can just click the link and they will be invited to the Company.

Yes, you may do so by going to the Company Settings page. You will be able to create multiple teams and add the respective members into each team.

An email will be automatically sent to them once you have assigned jobs or tasks to them.

Collection is the payment reminder. You can set up your payment reminder through Collection.

There are four types of payment reminders – AI Call, Email, Whatsapps, and SMS. The types of reminders that they receive depends on the plan you are currently subscribed to.

Certainly. If you are interested in a personal meeting, be it virtual or face-to-face, kindly drop us an email at

We welcome enquiries for partnerships. Feel free to send us an email at