Task Management

An Automated Task Reminder System created for EVERYONE

Set automated reminders for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients. No more forgetting or missing out on critical tasks with the power of automation!


Save tasks online

All tasks can be saved online.


Reminders on tasks

Reminders can be set on each task cards for your colleagues or clients.


Monitor employees’ tasks by manager

As manager, you will be able to view and monitor your employees’ tasks.


Assigned to me view

You will be able to view your own task lists by just toggling the assigned to me button.


Activity tracking for each task card

Each task cards will have an activity log for you to track the records.


Comments for each task cards

Your clients, colleagues and you can comment on the task cards.

Other features

Document Management

Documents all in ONE place

AI Debt Collector

Debt / Payment Reminder with just FEW clicks