AI Debt Collector

Debt / Payment Reminder with just FEW clicks

By using GoKudos’ AI Debt Collector, you will be able to remind your clients for payments without having to keep calling them. This is an automated reminder where no manpower is required. No more time wastage on this tedious task. Let our intelligent tool do the heavy lifting for you!


Automated Reminders

AI Debt Collector is an automated payment reminder, where the system will automatically send out the reminders on your behalf.


AI Call Reminders

Reminder through automated AI phone calls!


Email Reminders

Reminder through automated emails!


WhatsApps Reminders

Reminder through automated WhatsApp messages!


SMS Reminders

Reminder through automated SMS messages!


Just a few clicks in a minute

You just need to type in the details of the payments and let the system do the heavy lifting to remind.


Track payment records

You will be able to track payments using GoKudos as every payment record will be stored in the cloud.


Upload-able proof of payment

You will be able to retrieve proof of payment uploaded by your clients via the link provided in GoKudos.


Approve or reject a proof of payment for reuploads

After proof of payment has been uploaded by your client, you will be able to retrieve, check and then decide to approve or reject. For rejected cases, a reminder will be sent to the client automatically requesting for reuploading.

Other features

Task Management

An Automated Task Reminder System created for EVERYONE

Document Management

Documents all in ONE place